Our Team Members

The research project "Apocalypse and Climate Change: Impact of Religious Vocabularies in the Netherlands" involves four researchers, each bringing unique perspectives and expertise to the project.

Professor Dr. Caroline Vander Stichele will serve as the project's principal investigator, bringing her extensive background in religious studies and her experience leading interdisciplinary research projects. Her contributions will be crucial in developing a nuanced understanding of the intersections between religious and environmental discourses in the Netherlands.

Dr. Frank Bosman is a cultural theologian and an expert in cultural studies and popular culture. He will be especially valuable in analyzing the ways in which religious vocabularies are mobilized in the media and popular culture. His insights will help to uncover the ways in which environmental concerns are being reframed and interpreted through religious lenses.

Dr. Deborah de Koning is a religious studies scholar with expertise in Asian religions. Her main focus is on contemporary (religious) phenomena, practices, and cultural objects. She employs ethnography as a method to investigate people and their meaning-making processes. Her background and interests align well with the project's aim to investigate the impact of religious vocabularies on the discourse surrounding climate change in the Netherlands.

Dr. Ömer F. Gürlesin's expertise in sociology and psychology of religion, as well as his specific research interest in religious environmentalism, will be particularly valuable in analyzing the ways in which religious actors and institutions are responding to climate change and environmental degradation. His contributions will help to uncover the ways in which religious actors are mobilizing their faith traditions in support of environmental advocacy and activism.

Together, these four researchers bring a wealth of interdisciplinary expertise to the "Apocalypse and Climate Change" project, and their collective efforts will be critical in deepening our understanding of the complex intersections between religion, culture, politics, and the environment in the Netherlands.